Transaction Code: R09 Uncollected Funds

Transaction code R09 is a return from the bank for uncollected funds.

What does "uncollected funds" mean?

This means that funds are returned because sufficient funds in the account are not yet available for debits. This can happen when a deposit into the account holder's bank has not yet cleared.

For example, the account holder deposits a paycheck for $1,000 into his bank on Monday and the check is set to clear on Wednesday, making $1000 pending but not available. Transactions made during this period would return Uncollected Funds because there is money on paper, but not available.

What to do?

You can try the transaction again (you will need to re-enter it as a new transaction) up to two times within 30 days of the original authorization date.


View our API docs for a full list of transaction codes.

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