Where can I find my Client ID & Client Secret?

Step 1: Navigate to your Client Settings
Log into your production dashboard and select "Client Settings" from the dropdown menu in the top right corner.

If your keys are available, you have the option to view both Client ID & Client Secret.


If your account is unverified or your keys are not issued, you will not be able to see this page.


Step 2: Keep your Client Keys Private/Secure.

Please take the utmost care to keep your keys secure.

  • Do not store in plain text
  • Limit access to the dashboard
  • Do not share via Text, Email, Slack, or other unencrypted channels. If you need to send it via email, we recommend using an encrypted service like Virtu.

If your keys are compromised at any point, please reset your keys and contact us immediately.

If you don't know how to keep your keys secure, ask your Implementation Manager :)

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