Submitting Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo Data to Skip Microdeposits

Want to streamline everything in one service? Check out our account aggregation tools. We also have UI tools for easy plug-and-play!

Not ready to make the switch? Pass us your data from Plaid, Yodlee or Quovo to skip micro-deposits.

Before beginning this process, please verify that online logins are supported on your Spec Sheet.

Step 1: Verify account with Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo

Use Plaid to connect to a user's bank account with their online banking credentials.

Step 2: Pull customer Data from Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo

This includes account owner, address and other account information.

Step 3: Pull Transaction Data from Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo

Step 4: Format the data from Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo like the example below (see attachment).

Date is in unix time. Designate negative values with "Debit" True or False (boolean).

Step 5: Send all data to us when you add the bank account with Account/Routing Numbers.

Add an ACH-US Node with Account/Routing. Include Plaid/Yodlee/Quovo Data within the payload. See attached payload as an example. Micro-deposits will not send if this data is supplied.


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