Sending International and Domestic Wires to Synapse

We at Synapse believe in financial opportunity for all. We are offering users worldwide the ability to send domestic and international wires to our deposit nodes.

➤ How do Wire Transfers Work?

  • A wire transfer is an electronic funds transfer between banks or financial institutions. It allows quick and secure transfer of funds from one account to another, whether within the same country or internationally.
  • When a wire transfer is initiated, the sender provides their bank or financial institution with the required information, which may differ for each type of transaction (international/domestic). After the sender initiates the transfer, their bank electronically sends the funds to the recipient's bank to process.
  • When making a wire transfer through a financial institution, fees may be charged and the amount can vary based on the destination and amount transferred. It's essential to check with your bank or financial institution beforehand to understand the costs involved. 

Please note:

Since there is always a risk with sending money, our partner banks have strict instructions for sending international and domestic wires. Any missing/incorrect information will result in wire rejection.


➤ How to set up a Synapse Account?

  • In order to send a wire, the user needs an active deposit node associated with an account and routing number.
  • To get started, you can create a deposit node on our Deposit Hub page. Then, you can use our Create Subnet call to set up an account and routing number.

➤ What to know before Sending International Wire?

  • Synapse partners with several banks, and each processes international wire differently. 
  • Please consult your Customer Growth Manager (CGM) on any instructions users must follow. 
  • It usually takes 7 business days for the international wire to process. In case you don't see the wire on the Synapse dashboard and it has passed 7 business days, we suggest the following:
    1. Please ask the user to contact their bank and ask for the status; it might be that the sender bank delayed processing the wire or that it has been rejected by the receiving bank (please see below for more information on rejected international wires). 
    2. If the bank confirms that the wire was processed, please contact us at

What to know before Sending Domestic Wire?

  • Domestic wires naturally have fewer instructions; we still suggest you check for any instructions for sending domestic wires. 
  • If the wire doesn’t appear on the dashboard and it has passed 3 business days, please get in touch with us at

➤What if the Wire is Rejected?

  • Wire can get rejected if one of the required fields is missing. 
  • If a wire is rejected, it never reaches Synapse and fails on the processing bank. No transaction will appear on the dashboard, and the funds will return to the sender’s bank.
  • This indicates that the wire was not sent correctly; please check with your CGM what the requirements are and communicate that with the end users.
  • If the wire doesn’t appear on the dashboard and the funds weren't sent back to the originator, please get in touch with us at
    • Please see below for the SLA for processing international and domestic wires. 

➤ What if a wire is returned?

  • Returned wires have been processed successfully by our banking partner and failed on Synapse's end.
    • If the account number cannot be located on our system, we will return the wire transfer.
  • To create the return, Synapse will create a separate transaction to send the funds to the sender.

  How long it takes for Wires to Process?

International Wires: Most banks take an average of 7 days, but it depends on the sending bank and when it processes the wire; see their processing times to get a more accurate timeline representation. If the wire transfer is rejected, it may take up to 7 days to process a credit from the time of rejection.

Domestic Wire: Wire transfers usually take up to 3 days to process, but they can sometimes be done on the same day. If a transfer is rejected, it may take up to 3 days to get credit for it from the time of rejection.


➤ To Summarize:

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