How can I upload missing KYC for a user?

In order to upload know your customer (KYC) documents, you will need to first 'Sign in as User.'


After you have signed in, you will select the 'Documents' section.
Then you will select 'Add Sub Doc' to upload the new KYC.
From there, you can select the document type you want to upload. Click any sections below to see the different document types and how to upload them.
Physical Docs Social Docs Virtual Docs

When uploading a physical document, you will choose the name. You can drag and drop or select the file you wish to upload, then select submit to upload it to the user.

Screenshot_2023-05-10_at_10.28.25.png Screenshot_2023-05-17_at_17.46.49.pngScreenshot_2023-05-17_at_17.48.00.png

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