How can I check for invalid physical KYC docs?


How can I check for invalid physical KYC docs?


Whenever a Physical doc has a status of Submitted|Invalid, there will be an "external_invalid_reason" associated with it. This defines why the document uploaded is invalid.

  1. Search the user on the Users Tab.
  2. Go to their 'Documents'
  3. Filter for "Physical Docs"
  4. Click or Hover over the Question Mark on the "Status" column.
  5. You can click on More Details to see more information about why the document was marked invalid. 


A list of potential external_invalid_reasons can be found here, alongside the next steps to remedy the invalid Photo ID.

Photo ID requirements:

  • Steady image
  • ID occupies most of the image
  • ID and text are aligned properly
  • Plain background
  • Four visible edges of the ID
  • Min resolution ~1200 pixels, minor axis
  • Good natural lighting (average pixel intensity ~150)
  • No flash
  • The name and DOB matches those supplied to us in the base doc
  • Should be in full color (no black and white images accepted)
  • We recommend a maximum file size of 2 MB (most high-quality JPG are around 1 MB)

Physical Doc upload criteria

A physical doc should NOT be scanned or photocopied. A user must take a picture of the physical doc and upload a picture of the physical doc.

Legal Changes

An individual legally changed their name but failed to update the Social Security Administration to reflect the change within the IRS’s records. In this case, a marriage license or proof of name change will be required to verify the user.

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