How can I collect missing KYC from a user?


How can I collect missing KYC from a user?


Ideally, your application will have been built to indicate what KYC is missing from a user's document & allow them to upload it using our API. However, you can upload KYC from your client dashboard as a backup! First, you must collect the KYC from the user, and doing so should be done securely. 

Ensure encryption is used for the transmission and communication of data if KYC is going to be given or requested from the user. Below are some example email encryption services you could adopt.

  1. ProtonMail: ProtonMail is an encrypted email service that provides end-to-end encryption, meaning only the sender and recipient can read the emails. It uses OpenPGP encryption standards and stores user data in encrypted form on its servers.

  2. Tutanota: Tutanota is another encrypted email service offering end-to-end email encryption. It uses AES and RSA encryption algorithms to secure communication and also provides encrypted contacts and calendar features.

  3. Virtru: Virtru is an email encryption service that integrates with popular email providers such as Gmail and Outlook. It offers client-side encryption and gives users control over their encrypted emails, including revoking access or setting expiration dates for messages.


Suppose James, an end-user, wrote in asking to complete their KYC verification and needing to know what is needed to do so.

You can determine why James is unverified by following this guide. You then determine the user is missing their government ID.

You could respond like this:

Hi James,

It looks like we need a photocopy of your government ID to complete your registration!

Please send your Government ID card in a secure encrypted email via Virtru:

Once the user sends it, you can upload it to their profile by following this guide.

Ensure you permanently delete the attachment from your machine after you've finished uploading it to protect the user's data.


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