How does SynapseFI combat fraud?

We employ a healthy dose of supervised & unsupervised machine learning to reduce your exposure to risk. We also offer tools to further mitigate the risk of bad transactions & activity.

Custom CIPs

As part of our risk mitigation program, we work with you to develop an industry-specific Customer Identification Program (CIP) that collects and verifies identifying information on end-users to mitigate your financial risk.

Verify Accounts

In addition to verifying the identity of an individual, we also take steps to verify account ownership. Account ownership can be verified through traditional micro-deposits or online banking login verification (which lets us cross check information & transaction data on an individual's bank account).

Filter Transactions

We screen customers & transactions for risk and automatically flag suspicious activity.

Reduce NSFs 

With online logins, we're able to gain visibility into available funds before transfer to reduce your risk of insufficient funds returns.



We also have measures in place to further protect your data, including security testing and reports for your platform. Please reach out to us at for more details.

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