What Products does Synapse Offer?

Synapse is a software layer that sits between banks and developers. Our goal is to make it easier, more secure and less costly for developers to connect to banking products to build out innovative & powerful financial applications that are accessible to everyone.

We have APIs to help with the following products:


We support the following settlement methods:

  • ACH (including Same Day ACH)
  • Fedwire
  • SWIFT wire
  • Bill Pay (via Check)
  • Card Processing (credit + debit)
  • Card Issuance (Virtual & Physical cards)

Account Creation

Spin up accounts at our partner bank(s) to hold funds.

  • Deposit Accounts
  • Fiduciary Accounts
  • Clearing Accounts
  • Interest Bearing Accounts
  • Trust Accounts

Additional Deposit Products:

  • Issue Account/Routing numbers with Subnets
  • Issue Virtual or Physical Cards


  • Lending APIs for Fixed or Revolving Lines of Credit

Investment Products

  • Crypto Wallets
  • Brokerage Accounts (coming soon)

Account Aggregation

Consumers can easily connect to bank accounts with their online banking credentials. More information.

  • Account Verification
  • Node Sync
  • Bank Transaction History
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Bill Pay Data
  • Recent Statements

Risk Mitigation

Reduce risk with our identity verification & screenings services.

  • Check recent balances with banking logins (reduces risk of insufficient funds)
  • Filter customers & transactions with back-end tools
  • Verify accounts with bank logins OR micro-deposits
  • Hold funds in 'escrow' until window of risk is decreased
  • Automatically flag suspicious activity

Compliance Services

Build out your compliance program with our KYC and compliance services.

  • Validate Photo IDs, Video Authentication & other document types
  • Screen individuals through sanction lists & databases.
  • Access KYC data for compliance purposes
  • Build a custom Customer Identification Program (CIP)


View our 2018 Product Roadmap to learn more about what's ahead.

Want more information? Contact us at hello@synapsefi.com!


Disclosure: We do not guarantee funds in the case of returns or chargebacks per our Terms of Service and Platform Agreements.

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