Steps to Going Live

After finalizing your contract, you are assigned a platform architect to assist as you integrate. 
Basic Housekeeping:
Here is a guide to create an account & setup billing. This should be done as you get setup to prevent delays. Please note that site visits are requested for MSBs and those operating in Crypto.
Step 2: Review your Spec Sheet
Your platform architect will draft a spec sheet based on your integration plans. This spec sheet will set controls for all API activity. Controls may be changed as needed.
Step 3: Review Notifications and Disclosures
Review notifications and disclosures with your platform architect. Please do not hesitate to send screenshots or wireframes for additional review. We're happy to share our feedback!
Step 4: Set up an API Walkthrough
Schedule an API Walkthrough to review questions about the API.
Step 5: Schedule a Code Review
Schedule a code review before going live. Prepare for the code review with this checklist.
Step 6: Schedule a Compliance Review
Schedule a compliance review BEFORE (recommended) or AFTER going live. During this review we will check for notifications, disclosures and other compliance best practices.
Step 7: Receive Production Keys
Please Note: We will hold periodic technical and compliance reviews after you go live to ensure your integration is up to date!
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