How to upload KYC on the dashboard?

Here's a guide to update your users' KYC info on your dashboard: 

Step 1: Navigate to API Activity.

Log into your dashboard. Toggle to 'API Activity' in the top right corner. Log into your user's profile .

Step 2: Scroll to the 'Documents' section of your profile page. Add necessary KYC

Click 'Add KYC' to supply KYC info. Businesses will need to do this twice to supply business + owner info. If doing this twice, please use a different phone/email (we use these to index the document!).

Already see this info? Skip to step 3.


Clicking 'Add KYC' directs you to this page:


Step 3: Upload documents

You should now see business/individual's listed under the 'Documents' section.

Click on your business name or owner's name to submit relevant information (ex: Articles of Incorporation should be uploaded under your business name; Photo ID should be uploaded under personal name.) Refer to your CIP for KYC requirements.

Note that there are different document types you can upload:

  • Virtual Documents: numeric values
  • Physical Documents: copies of a document
  • Social Documents: link to social profiles

The exact document requirements vary according to your account setup & CIP requirements.

Step 4: After uploading required information, confirm the status of your KYC information. 

Items in green are good to go. For other document statuses, visit our API docs.

Users with the appropriate SEND|RECEIVE permissions are verified.


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