Using the Facilitator Fee to Cover Transaction Fees

By default, all Synapse fees are deducted from the fund recipient. This means that if you send $1, the fund recipient will get $1 minus the per transaction fee.

However, if you want your customer to receive 100% of the funds, you can cover the cost yourself.

Step 1: Pre-Fund a DEPOSIT-US Node

This is the node where the transaction fees will be deducted from. You will need to keep enough funds in it to cover all fees.
*Note: Older integrations will fund SYNAPSE-US nodes instead of DEPOSIT-US nodes.

Step 2: During a transaction, set the facilitator fee to -0.20 (or whatever your per transaction fee is).

Also set your pre-funded DEPOSIT-US node as your fee's 'to' node. 

Step 3: Check your response.

You will see two fees in the response. One one positive & one negative (corresponding with our DEPOSIT-US node & your DEPOSIT-US node respectively).



That's it! Your fund recipient should get 100% of the funds :)


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