How can I ship a New Card on the Dashboard?


How can I ship a New Card on the Dashboard?


A new card means we are replacing the card number.
If you want to just replace the physical card and keep the same card number, then skip steps 3-6.
Follow the steps below to generate a new card number and ship a new card.
  1. Search the user on the Dashboard and sign in as them.Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 9.19.07 AM.png
  2. Go to the 'Nodes' tab and select the Deposit account that has the existing card.Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 9.23.00 AM.png
  3. Scroll down to the 'Subnets' tab and select the 3 horizontal dots on the card subnet you wish to regenerate and select 'Update Settings'.Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 9.24.16 AM.png
  4. Change the status to "TERMINATED"; set the status code to "User Requested" and select Submit.Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 9.26.23 AM.png
  5. Now select the "Issue Card" button on the "Subnets" tab home screen.Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 9.27.55 AM.png
  6. Enter a new nickname for the card and select 'Submit'.Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 9.28.07 AM.png
  7. Select the 3 horizontal dots on the new card subnet and select 'Ship Card'.Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 9.30.54 AM.png
  8. Enter the information regarding the shipment and select 'Submit'.Screenshot 2023-12-22 at 9.32.38 AM.png
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