Transaction Code: Q49 Receiver on Screenings List

Transaction code Q49 means that either the sender or receiver's name was a match on OFAC, Denied/Debarred parties or some other screening list.

When this happens, the transaction is queued with Transaction Code Q49 -- 'Receiver on screenings list', which means that the transaction is on a temporary hold. This does not mean that the transaction has been canceled.

To unqueue the transaction, we manually review the information we have collected on the user to determine whether the name/person/entity is in fact a complete match for the name/person/entity on these screenings list.

If, based on our findings, we determine that it was a false positive match, we unqueue the transaction and allow it to be sent for processing. If we need more info we will contact you. If it is a complete match, the transaction will be canceled.


View our API docs for a full list of transaction codes.

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