Creating a production account

Step 1: Create a Production Account
Click here to Create a Synapse production account.
Step 2: Navigate to the Client Manager

In the upper right corner of the dashboard, toggle to 'MY ACCOUNT' and select 'ME' (if you have the option).
Click 'Go to Client Manager Dashboard'.

Step 3: Connect to a billing account & fund your reserve
Billing Node: This needs to be connected immediately. When you set this up, please let our team know. Billing goes out the 5th of every month.
Reserve Node: This needs to be funded with the agreed upon amount prior to going live. The initial reserve amount is noted on your Spec Sheet.
Step 4: Upload your Business & Beneficial Owner Documents
All Accounts Require the Following:
  • Add KYC: Beneficial Owner(s)* personal information
  • Virtual Doc: SSN of Beneficial Owner(s)
  • Physical Doc: Background Check of Beneficial Owners (Synapse will initiate this)
  • Physical Doc: EIN Verification Letter from the IRS (Can't find it?)
  • Physical Doc: Photo ID of Beneficial Owners + Key Officers (CEO, CTO, CFO and CCO)
  • Physical Doc: Articles of Incorporation (if corporation) or Certificate of Formation (if LLC)
  • Physical Doc: By-Laws + Amendment (if corporation) or Membership Agreement (if LLC)
  • Physical Doc: Business License (if applicable)
  • Physical Doc: DBA or Fictitious Name Documentation (if applicable)
  • Physical Doc: Software-as-a-Service Agreement (Signed)
  • Physical Doc: Bank Statement (past 3 months)
  • Physical Doc: Flow of Funds + Customer Identification Program (Signed)
  • Physical Doc: Beneficial Owner Form
  • Physical Doc: Entity Holding Chart (if multiple entities involved in ownership)
  • Fund Reserve Account: Please Fund Reserve Account (required before going live)

”Beneficial Owners” means persons owning or controlling 10% or more interest in Platform.

Foreign Businesses also need to upload:

  • Physical Doc: Photo ID(s) of ALL owner(s) and officer(s) of Platform

For MSBs or other regulated industries:

  • Physical Doc: Photo ID(s) of ALL owner(s) or officer(s) of Platform
  • Physical Doc: KYC and AML Policies
  • Physical Doc: Detailed Business Plan
  • Physical Doc: Sample Customer Contract + Fees
  • Physical Doc: Money Transmission Licenses for each State (if applicable) or Opinion Letter from Counsel on why MTL are not required
  • Physical Doc: MSB / FINCEN Registration
  • Physical Doc: Security Audit (if completed)
  • Physical Doc: BSA Audit (if completed)
  • Physical Doc: SOC Audit (if completed)
  • Physical Doc: State Audits (if completed)
  • Physical Doc: Certificate of Business Insurance


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    Judy J. Harkins

    Can't set up a production account - does every member need one? I get to the log-in page and it says invalid username/password - what the heck am I doing wrong?

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    Judy J. Harkins

    Someone will need to coach me through this - it is way too complicated. Do I need the interview before filling out the production account? Is that why I can't get anywhere?