Adding a Batch File on the Dashboard

Prep Work: Make sure all users/bank accounts that you are sending to/from already have the appropriate send/receive and credit/debit permissions.

Step 1: Toggle to your API Activity dashboard, click on batch transactions & upload file.


Your batch file must be a CSV file. Use the sample file (top right side of the dashboard) as an example.


Step 2: Review & Submit Batch

If everything looks good, click 'Submit Batch'.

If you need to make changes, update the CSV file & upload it again.

If you're getting an error, make sure your file is formatted correctly (CSV file, all fields entered correctly, etc).


Step 3: Done.

If all goes as planned, your transaction will be marked 'Successful'


Need to review your transactions?

To review your transactions later, navigate to your 'Transactions' tab to see your activity.


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