Funding a Reserve Account

Reserve accounts are funds held on our platform in your name. If we are unable to recover funds from returns or chargebacks we will debit from this account before debiting from your billing account (Learn more about returns)

Here are the steps for funding a reserve account:

(1) From the 'Nodes' tab on your dashboard, select 'Add Other Node'

(2) Select 'RESERVE-US' as the node type. Give your node an easily identifiable nickname (ex: Lenderama's Reserve Account)


(3) Your Reserve Account node is now available on your dashboard (Note the Node ID).

(4)Fund your Reserve Account by creating a transaction from your bank account to your reserve account. Learn how to create a transaction.

Note: Your Reserve Account has CREDIT only permissions. You cannot debit from the account without our permission.


If you have not already connected to your bank account, learn how to add your bank account.

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