How to Export Transaction History (CSV or JSON)

Step 1: Toggle between "API Activity" & "My Account"

  • API Activity displays ALL transactions made via the API.
  • My Account only displays transactions made to/from your bank accounts


Step 2: From your "Transactions" page, select "Export Data"


Step 3: Select the file format you prefer (JSON or CSV)

Step 4: You will receive a downloaded file labeled "transactions.csv" or "transactions.json" with the following fields:

  • transaction_id
  • from_node_id
  • from_node_type
  • from_node_nickname
  • from_user_id
  • from_user_name
  • to_node_id
  • to_node_type
  • to_node_nickname
  • to_user_id
  • to_user_name
  • amount
  • currency
  • total_fee
  • created_on
  • last_modified
  • note
  • status
  • status_note
  • last_status
  • last_status_note



Make sure popups are enabled for Synapse (because CSV storage is a popup window, if you have it disabled you wont be able to download the CSV file)

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