Card Issuance: Setting up Physical Cards

Please Note: Turnaround Times vary based on custom options, printer schedules, approval processes, etc.

This overview provides information on what to expect when setting up physical cards. We recommend starting this process as soon as possible so things are not delayed down the line.

Step 1: Submit your Art

(1) Card Art: Pick One

(2) Collateral Art: View templates for carriers / envelopes / stickers.
A  standard package includes a print on demand card, a one page carrier and a non-custom envelope. Other customizations may affect your pricing per card.

Step 2: Sign off on Pre-Proof

Pre-proofs usually take a week to turn around. Additional edits will add additional time. Please review your pre-proof for errors and make changes as needed. When this is ready, we will ask you to sign off on any inventory we are ordering.

Step 3: Submit to Visa for Approval

Synapse will submit card art to Visa for review. This takes 2 weeks on average, and can be longer in some situations. Additional waivers for special exceptions from Visa will lengthen this process.

Step 4: Order Remaining Inventory (Custom Cards Only)

For custom cards, inventory will need to be ordered after Visa approval. The time to receive inventory varies based on the customizations.

Step 5: Submit a Test File

Testing takes about a week. Please use your application to create a card for all card designs. If you need us to submit this for you, let us know. After the card request is received, the printers will ensure everything is setup, then mail you the card for sign off.

Step 6: Begin Internal Testing

Please test your card functionality before issuing to end users. Our API docs provides a general guide for testing, though you should also test further for your specific use cases.




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