Card Printing: On Demand Printing

On Demand printing is the preferred printing method because it allows you to scale without holding inventory. To submit your card art, please have the following information on hand.

Step 1: Prepare Art

Plastic Card Specs [Required]

 Standard Carrier (5"x7") Specs [Required - Option 1]

 Letter Carrier (8.5"x11") Specs [Required - Option 2]

 Insert Specs [Optional]

 Activation Label Specs [Optional]

 Buckslip Specs [Optional]

Step 2: Select Preferences

Art Files (.ai)
*See templates at the bottom of this page. Please submit the final art versions. Additional changes may have additional costs.

  • Card Art Vector Files
  • Carrier Art Vector Files
  • Activation Labels, Inserts, Buckslips [Optional]

Visa Logo Selection:

  • White (on non-white background)
  • Blue (on non-blue background)

Chip Color:

  • Gold
  • Palladium (“Silver”)

Primary Fields Preference - Embossing vs Flat Print
*Primary Fields include the Card Number (PAN), Cardholder Name and Expiry Date

  • Embossed - Gold
  • Embossed - Silver
  • Flat Print - White with Black Stroke
  • Flat Print - Black with White Stroke
  • Flat Print - White
  • Flat Print - Black
  • Flat Print - Other (Please list HEX Value)

Secondary Fields Preference - Colors
*Secondary Fields include “Valid Thru” or “Good Thru”, the word “Debit”, and the Mini BIN (for MC Only)

  • White with Black Stroke
  • Black with White Stroke
  • White
  • Black
  • Other - Please list HEX Value

Custom Dynamic Fields on Cards or Carriers [Optional]

  • Please list out the placement and an example of what the dynamic field will look like. An example of this dynamic field should also be included on the card/carrier art.

Step 3: Submit Card Art

Submit your Card Art with this Google Form.

Submit your Carriers and other collateral with this Google Form.

Please be sure you have all information on hand prior to beginning this form. 


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