How to Submit a Card Dispute

Submitting Disputes

Card disputes can be submitted via the dashboard or via API.

If disputing a card transaction via API, this is the endpoint you will need.


If disputing a card transaction via the dashboard, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Pull up the user’s account
  2. Sign in as the user by clicking the button in the top right of the screenshot


  3. Go to the ‘Transactions’ tab, and click on the transaction that needs to be disputed
  4. Click the ‘Dispute Transaction’ button at the top right of the transaction screen

  5. Select the 'Dispute Reason'
  6. Enter additional information that you may be prompted for after selecting the ‘Dispute Reason’

  7. Click 'Submit'

Lastly, a link will be generated for you that contains the submitted dispute form.




Dispute Status Updates

You can check on the status of a dispute by using the ‘View Transaction’ endpoint via API


To check the status of a disputed card transaction on the dashboard:


    1. Pull up the user’s account
    2. Click the ‘Transactions’ tab, and click on the disputed transaction

Refer to the ‘Dispute Information’ section towards the bottom of the transaction screen. This will contain the dispute creation date, dispute reason, dispute form, the transaction ID associated with the provisional credit, the dispute status, and more

Screen_Shot_2022-02-10_at_8.32.31_AM.pngDispute Status values and note values are detailed here.
For more information surrounding the card dispute process, please refer to this resource.


Chargeback Disputes

Chargeback disputes can be submitted via API


Synapse may receive interchange chargeback dispute requests from platforms utilizing our interchange services. A chargeback is a bank debiting a merchant for a charge the merchant applied to the bank customer’s card. This can be the result of a merchant dispute (did not receive services, or similar) or in cases of fraud (unauthorized claims).


Chargeback disputes are submitted by our platforms in response to a chargeback to their business. Chargebacks are IR999 returns in our systems. Should the platform be able to present evidence refuting the dispute and showing that the transaction was in fact authorized by the user or that they did receive the services, they have the right to submit such documents to our interchange processor for review and a potential refund.


Card Transaction Dispute API

Chargeback Dispute API

Card Disputes Guide

Dispute Status and Dispute Status Note Values

Checking Dispute Status via API

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