Unverified users with Invalid KYC

KYC or know your customer data ensures that the person opening an account is who they say they are. The types of data that Synapse collects depend on what has been defined in your specification sheet. This guide will walk you through checking your specification sheet, uploading KYC documents, and verifying KYC for your users.

How to find the user in the Dashboard

First, we will need to select the user having issues with KYC. For details on this process, please follow: Identify user in the Synapse Dashboard.


View the user KYC requirements & determine what KYC is invalid

     1. Login to the Synapse Dashboard

     2. Visit Users → Search the specific user

     3. Sign in as a user (Developer/Manager user role required) using Fingerprint or TFA

     4. Add Document

     5. Identify the document based on what’s missing

Once you see what is needed, go back to the user and check to ensure they have what was required.


Invalid KYC Troubleshooting With Webhooks

You must be subscribed to USERS|PATCH webhooks to search for them in the steps below; this can be done in the API or in the Dashboard.


     1. Login to the Synapse Dashboard

     2. Visit Users → Search the specific user & Copy user ID (Skip to step 3 if you already have it)

     3. Enter User ID into Webhooks tab of the Synapse dashboard.

     4. Select the most recent webhook and find (CTRL/CMD + F) “invalid_reason.”

Review the Invalid Reason and Check our API Docs for the next steps given the reason.

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