Why Is This User's SSN Invalid?




Why does this user have an SSN uploaded with a status ofSubmitted|Invalid?


Social Security Numbers (SSN) are initially verified with W-9 certification by the users and checked against additional databases to ensure they are not associated with a deceased individual.

  • Every 24 hours we will verify SSNs directly with the IRS
  • An SSN may have a status ofSubmitted|Invalid due to the following reasons:
    • The SSN uploaded may have been mistyped due to user error
    • The SSN uploaded doesn't directly match the user's name on their account
    • The IRS sends us an Invalid response during the verification process

To remedy an SSN with a status ofSubmitted|Invalid:

  • Prompt the user to make sure that their name on file matches the name associated with the SSN
  • Prompt the user to review their SSN uploaded for any mistypes

If the steps above do not remedy the issue:

  • Upload a Social Security Card to the user's account and submit a ticket to help@synapsefi.com so that our team can manually review the SSN.
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