Why Is This User Unverified?


Why does this user's account say they are Unverified?


There are several reasons why a user might showed as unverified in the Synapse Dashboard. Expand the section below to uncover the reasons why:

Blacklisted or Invalid SSN
  • This article outlines the process for resolving an Invalid SSN issue.
  • If a user has a blacklisted SSN, this means there is another user in our system with the same SSN that is locked.
    • If you would like for Synapse to investigate the blacklisted SSN, please submit a ticket to help@synapsefi.com
Invalid Photo ID
  • This article outlines the process for troubleshooting and resolving an invalid photo ID issue.
  • Typically, photo IDs may be marked as Submitted|Invalid for the following reasons:
    • The name on the photo ID is not an exact match to the name on the account
    • The image is blurry or does not clearly display all four corners of the photo ID
    • The photo ID is expired
    • Additional invalid reasons can be found here.
Invalid EIN or TIN
  • If the user's TIN is invalid - Synapse requires an EIN Letter (Form CP575 or 147c) for manual review
  • The number listed on the EIN letter should match the number supplied as the user's TIN
  • The business name on the EIN letter should be a direct match to the business name on the user's account
    • If the business name is not a direct match, a DBA or proof of name change document will need to be uploaded to the user's account.
      • Once the DBA or proof of name change document is uploaded, please reach out to help@synapsefi.com to initiate manual review
Missing KYC
  • KYC requirements can be located within your spec sheet. These are listed under each CIP tag and tier
    • The user must meet all KYC requirements per their CIP tag/tier in order to be eligible for 'Send and Receive' status
    • This article outlines the process for uploading KYC to a user's account
Low ID Score
  • If your platform has ID score enabled, the user's ID score must be within a certain threshold in order to be 'Send and Receive'.
  • For each user, ID Score assigns a trust level (low,med or high) and an id score (0.0-1.0) after evaluating the authenticity of user input details.
  • While KYC programs vary across our customers, our general guidance is to follow the chart below
trust_level KYC Requirements Example KYC
low Perform EDD by requiring additional documents and potentially a manual review. SSN + Govt ID + Video Auth + Manual Review
med Ask for additional documentation, but still an automated review. SSN + Govt ID
high Ask for minimum KYC information. SSN
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