How Do I Reprocess a Canceled RDC?



A user had an RDC transaction that was canceled, but I would like that transaction pushed through. How do I action this?


RDC transactions can cancel due to the reasons outlined here

If the reason behind a canceled RDC has been resolved, the best practice is to instruct the user to reupload the check images. Some examples are outlined below to demonstrate the process:

A signature is missing

Once the user provides signs the check, they can resubmit the RDC via your application

An unusable image was provided

Have the user reupload clear images of the RDC

"Unable to process"

Review the RDC to ensure the following:

  • Image is clear
  • Endorsement is visible
  • Information on the check is accurate and authentic
  • Image is not a screenshot
  • Check is not expired

If you are still unsure why the RDC canceled due to this reason, please submit a ticket to for investigation

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