Canceled Transaction: "Outside the Scope of Platform Flow of Funds"


We're seeing transactions canceled with this message. What does this mean?:

TRANSACTION_BLOCKED -- C10-E -- Transaction Outside the Scope of Platform Flow of Funds


  • This transaction flow is not allowed according to your platform controls
    • A transaction flow is defined as the flow of funds between two node types
    • (i.e. IC-DEPOSIT-US --> ACH-US)
  • Your spec sheet outlines all allowed transaction flows
    • If this flow isn't allowed per your spec sheet, consider submitting a request to Synapse to add this transaction flow

Submitting a spec sheet update request

If you are receiving this cancellation message and the flow of the canceled transaction is not listed on your spec sheet, it is recommended to reach out to Synapse to submit a request to add this transaction flow to your controls to prevent further cancellations


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