Reconcile negative balance

Scenario: An end-user’s account or node was locked with the reason “Locked due to Negative balance” How do we request assistance to Reconcile the Negative Balance?


What information is needed?

  • User ID
  • Reason for unlocking the User.

How to Request for Unlocking the user:

  1. First check if the user is locked with the note: “Locked due to Negative balance” 
  2. Provide the Synapse's User id and reason to unlock the account.
  3. Our CS team will change the permissions on the user's locked account.
  4. After the permissions have swapped successfully, your team will receive confirmation of completion.
  5. If there are any questions regarding any of the accounts in question, please feel free to file a follow-up inquiry. This allows our QA system to see your initial inquiry as one ticket and your follow-up questions/concerns as a second. We appreciate your cooperation during this as it allows our analytics to show accurately.


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