How to Request a Spec Sheet Update

1. Fill out the Spec Sheet Change Form - attached below



-Platform name

-Customer Ladder* Information about your ladder can be found at the bottom of the page

-Customer Demographics* Information about your demographics can be found at the bottom of the page

-CIP Tag change request will be applied within Spec Sheet

What CIP tag(s) will be affected by this request:

    - Ex. CIP tags 1 and 3

-Change Request Details

Specify the changes that will affect the CIP tag(s):

   - Ex. Increase the daily limit for IC-DEPOSIT-US → ACH-US from $$$ → $$$$

-Reason for Changes

Explain why you are requesting the change.

-Mitigation Steps being Taken to Address Potential Additional Risk

Explain what you have done to mitigate the risks involved with the change request.

-Percentage of Users this Change will Affect

(e.g., if one user requests a limit increase out of 100 total, it is a 1% impact; if 100 users out of 100,000 request an increase, it’s 0.1%; etc.)

-Impact this change will have on your business.

(e.g., while a change might be for a low percentage of users, such change has a high impact because it relates to the most important of your users).

 Low, Medium, or High Impact; if High, provide the rationale.

-(Optional) Additional Information

Any information you would like to provide would help clarify the request!

2. Submit a ticket to for a Spec Sheet Change Request to be reviewed by our team


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